Solar Power Health Workshops

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Journey Through the Chakras

This class goes into detail to help you analyze yourself and your energy body. Featuring an in-depth questionnaire and lots of other tools to find out where you struggle the most, we will go through each chakra and its importance. There will be an exploration and explanation of how different affirmations, smells, herbs, foods, and other tools can help you keep yourself balanced and change your life!

Understanding chakras can help you recognize and work through physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges in your life. It can help you identify why a loved one may be acting a certain way and give you gentle methods to guide that loved one toward healing.

During the course you’ll receive a take-home booklet that reflects some of the lessons learned. This will help guide you as you diagnose and work through personal challenges and perhaps help loved ones do the same.

This class is for everyone. Beverages will be provided, so come and enjoy the evening!

Healing Mantras

Learn how to use Mantras to create changes in your life! Mantra topics includes things like:

  • Removing Obstacles
  • Bringing Wealth and Abundance
  • Catalyzing Spiritual Awakening
  • Purifying and Detoxifying
  • Building Protection

The list goes on!

Mantras are incredibly useful and can help you improve your body, mind and soul. In this workshop, you will learn a number of Mantras and how to use them with Mala Beads as well as gain insight into important Mudras. You will also get to play a singing bowl as you learn to better enhance your intentions! This workshop is fun and the tools are so easy to pass on to your loved ones and friends!

Gastro-Intestinal Healing

This workshop is all about your gut and how to heal it. I will show you herbal aids and cures as well as easy life changes to help you deal with IBS, acid reflux and heartburn, constipation, Crohn’s Disease, food poisoning, ulcers, and so much more. This class will feature amazing facts, Ayurvedic-influenced healing, energetic issues, tons of recipes, and a clear path to help you heal naturally and get back to enjoying life! We will learn to support our organs and clearly outline alternative paths for when we feel we are out of options. An informative booklet will be provided.

Superfoods, Hormones, and Weight Loss

This famous workshop is amazing—it debunks a lot of myths! Here we give you a simple idea of how your body works and offer some easy tricks to make impactful life changes. We will cover a number of hormones, looking at how they work and how to help them function at their best. We will touch on some powerful habits and superfoods that you can add to your lifestyle. This class is for everyone—it’s not about advocating for or coming out against any particular diet. While I’m a plant-based nutritionist and herbalist, I have a lot of answers and connections—I can point you in the right direction to find what works best for you.

Did I mention there will be superfood snacks for everyone? That’s right! You get a booklet, entertainment, and food! Not to mention some powerful inspiration to fuel your journey to better health.

Smudging and Sacred Space

Smudging is a great way to clear negative energy, fight illness, and enhance purpose. It’s a powerful addition to any routine and something wonderful to share with your loved ones. There are many benefits to this class, whether you are just starting out or are an avid smudger. This class will give you a broad outline of the many herbs used to smudge and how they differ in purpose. We will cover a wide range of topics including various smudging methods—traditional and cultural—and different beliefs about smudging from around the world. This exploration will help you find what resonates best with you.

You will get an in-depth booklet of this workshop so you can practice and share at your leisure.

Mind-Opening Herbs and the World of Lucid Dreaming

This workshop covers various herbs and how they can benefit your meditation, shamanic journeying, lucid dreaming, and yoga nidra practices. If you are just interested in enhancing your dreams and recalling them more clearly, this class is also for you! This is a safe, beginner-oriented way to learn techniques to expand your consciousness, deepen your spiritual communication, and bond with Mother Nature! This class is not for insomniacs, although we will be going over some sedatives. The focus of this class is using gifts from the earth to travel to other dimensions through the mind.

Crafting Healing Elixirs

The definition of an elixir is a magical potion or a medical potion designed to cure. This workshop will cover 5 easy and delicious drinks you can make easily at home for your own family. They can help with insomnia, weight loss, adrenal fatigue, thyroid function, gastro intestinal disorders, fatigue, stress and so much more! You will get to sample each one and I will show you how to make them and adjust them for your personal taste and needs.We will go over hot drinks, easy-to-ferment winter sodas, cough syrup and cold and flu remedies, slow cooker healing ciders, and gut healing “bone” broths. You will also get your own recipe book.

Note: There are very limited seats for this workshop so sign up early.

Plant Spirit Medicine

We will learn how to communicate with plants and discover some integral healing recipes featuring ingredients we can forage ourselves. This class has it all—edibles, medicines, meditations, flower essences, vibrational medicines, tree medicine and so much more! Learn how to use these items for energy, magic, in ceremony, and just for the enjoyment of the gifts they bring.

Crafting Gourmet Nut “Cheeses”

In this workshop I will be teach you how to cure and ferment your own nut cheeses and show you some easy ways to make healthy, delicious, plant-based cheese! This is great if you are trying to avoid dairy, would like to host your own wine and cheese with diet-friendly options, are curious and open to trying new foods, or would just like to sample some great healthy foods and meet like-minded people. This workshop is also a great way to get probiotic superfoods into your diet and cut out inflammation-causing dairy.

A booklet of all of my recipes are included in this workshop and I will do demonstrations of the step by step processes for each. We will sample raw and healthy versions of brie, gouda, gruyere, sharp cheddar, and much more! I will also have an optional wine pairing available for an extra $10! Please bring cash if you are interested in adding this to your evening (eTransfer options also available).