All-Round Aloe Kale Smoothie

I love creating ways to make smoothies into a meal, where it is balanced with all the right kinds of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and tons of nutrients and superfoods!!! I also love filleting aloe, not only is it super nutritious, but the leftover skin is natures band aid and I love rubbing it on all my Alberta dry windblown skin! Almost everyone has aloe in their home, so here is an easy way to use […] Read more »

Solar Power Health Cantaloupe Seed Milk

Sometimes fruit gets a bad reputation, all that fructose. However, when eaten in its whole form it actually comes together. Cantaloupe seeds are high in protein and the good kind of fats, not to mention minerals! And fats help slow down the absorption of sugar, lessening the impact on our blood sugar levels. And to think often times we just throw them out! They can be blended into the yummiest milk ever! And one more […] Read more »

Solar Power Health Vegan Mexican Chipotle Aioli

So Glyn went to Costco and being the fantastic husband that he is, grabbed me several giant bags of organic raw pine nuts. Soooo, my creative juices started to glow and Mexican food it was!! This dip works great as a dip, sandwich spread, for potatoes, black bean and corn salad dressing—I could go on and on!!! In true Mexican style I sliced up some jicama and sprinkled it with lime juice, olive oil, chipotle, salt and chopped cilantro. Best appetizer ever! Delicious and nutritious! Here's my recipe! Read more »